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I'm a blunette (smart/blonde). Major procrastinator. Movie & book enthusiast. Actor and Chef wannabe. Proud member of @HiddlesArmy. Majoring in Tolkien and many fandoms; not really, but let's just say that I act like it. @MiaLossen on Twitter. OTP: Captain Swan. Ships: I have an armada.

I Need More Variety On My Dash

So far, it mostly consists of Captain Swan (an OTP) and Once Upon A Time.
I would like to see and reblog more:

-Sherlock (No Johnlock porn art/fics please. I like things NSFW free but I’m fine with language. If you hate on Sherlolly or John x Mary, NO FOLLOW for you!)

-Anything Tolkien (but you cannot hate the movies).

-The Hunger Games (No Galeniss.)
-Doctor Who (mostly in favor of 11)

-Merlin (no Arwen hate)

-Anything Marvel. If you are a member of Loki’s Army you are followed!

-Anything with classy BBC period dramas like “North and South” or Jane Austen.


-Actors: THOMAS WILLIAM HIDDLESTON, Benedict Cumberbatch, Alexander Vlahos… I like basically all British actors. But I’m mostly obsessed with those.

-Actresses: Cate Blanchett, Dame Judi Drench…

-If you blog Les Mis, Pacific Rim, Food, Indie Films and Blockbusters (not a huge fan of inbetweeners), Maze Runner, Percy Jackson, Kane Chronicles, Inheritance, then you are really cool.

I think I have enough CS, Colin O’Donoghue, Jennifer Morrison, OUAT, and Jennifer Lawrence for a life time! PLEASE NO PORN!!! I like a mix of gifs, metas/theories, funny things. IF YOU HATE CAPTAIN SWAN THERE WILL BE NO FOLLOWING FROM ME. Cheers.

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I’m all about pretty friendship things, and one of the most frustrating things about being on this site is that the concept of “friends” is lost. Not everything needs to be shipped romantically.

I don’t care if I get hate or lose followers, this is just EXCEEDINGLY frustrating to me. I’ve been…


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I am a proud defender of the wonderful and adorable Jennifer Morrison.

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If you’re watching this show about fairytales coming to life, love being the most powerful magic of all, families getting back together after years apart, lost girls finding their home, villains getting a second chance and trying to redeem themselves and all you can talk about…

Warning - this is the ANGRIEST I’ve ever been since I’ve been on Tumblr


and that’s saying something.  If you don’t want to see a completely uncensored, unedited rant, probably don’t click the Read More, because I’m done being nice, I’m done tiptoeing around this bullshit.  I’m livid, I don’t care who knows it, and I don’t care whose feelings I hurt because I’ve been holding a lot back for a long-ass time and I’m done.

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bnaz said: Your most recent post belongs in the anti SQ tag, not in the swan queen tag. This is why the anti SQ tag exists, so you can post any negative things about SQ without invading our tag :) thank you!

I’m sorry about that. If I’m really angry at the actual ship I’ll put in the anti SQ tag. Right now I am angry at most of the shippers. There are ships that I hate more than I will SQ but it doesn’t bother me because the shippers aren’t crazy about bullying the actors/writers. So when people are angry they want their stuff read. I ain’t going to lie. It’s gotten way out of hand. And SQ is more of my bro to so I’m not fully anti-SQ. But everyone needs to be less biased and give all the characters on the show a chance. And also separate canon from fanon. There are very few canon ships compared to the fanon ones. So far the most canon thing happening to SQ is BROTP and is being paralleled to Elsanna who are sisters.

What Needs To Be Preached from The Rooftops

Hook is not a rapist. Just because he is flirty does not make him a rapist. Oh, and he spent most of his days as a pirate in NEVERLAND where there are virtually no WOMEN. Also, this season we are going to see Hook become a better man because he loves Emma. Do you not remember how he rejected the pre-paid and expensive prostitute that his buddies got him?!?!?! Also, Milah ran to him because she wanted to get away from Rumple. Have you notnseen the hurt/worry in Emma’s eyes every time Charming called him a “pirate”??? Also, it seems to me that Hook is the one willing to do the most self-redemption in this season compared to Rumple or Regina… Don’t get me wrong. I love all three. And I have hopes for each one. Also, just because he was a pirate doesn’t mean he raped left and right. That’s just bad generalizing. Do you know your history? There are even different levels of pirating. Oh, does anybody remember the past Hook that Emma flirted with? Oh yeah. He said she have to do anything with him if she didn’t want to. Oh and like 90% of all the CS kisses are Emma-initiated.
Regina was a rapist. I don’t think Graham was the only victim… Remember that really weird and creepy moment when Regina and David had dinner in season 1 and Regina tried to kiss him??? Not exactly rapey but super -close. Ever since Daniel got killed she became a bit pervy… Oh, and don’t forget how she used Sidney… I just rewatched season 1 and I forgot how b****y she was. I liked her only in seasons 2 & 3. I don’t know about season 4. She’s still REALLY selfish. OMG, at least Hook let Neal be with Emma even if THEY WERE NOT MARRIED and they had a really rocky relationship that would’ve taken a miracle to work out. I am not anti-Regina. I am not anti-Neal. SQ are frenemies to me and IMO, Regina needs to do some severe reparation for her actions towards Emma and EVERYONE in FREAKING Storybrooke. They just need a whole season of Regina, Rumple and a bit of Hook doing reparation… Sorrys just don’t cut it. They definitely don’t do it in real life.
Oh and the ship wars need to stop. Along with the ranting to actors. “The Hook is a rapist” is false. The “OUAT is queer-baiting” is false. I supose not many of the SQ BAs watch shows like “Sherlock”, “Supernatural”, and “Merlin” that are WAYYYY more popular than OUAT. They actually have characters that they mock as both gay and straight so everyone is really confused and nobody can blame them. SQ is not going to happen. It’s ok. I’ve shipped OTPs that have sunk. But I did not hate on the writers or the actors. Because it is not my show. How would you like it if you wrote a book/show/movie and you had gay or straight characters and annoying “fans” hated them and bugged you with immature messages about how the relationship is so bad and you want these other people to get together blah blah blah. I’d be so mad that I’d kill everyone off. Gee has anybody ever heard of freedom of speech. I’m pretty sure people are allowed to make which character of theirs dates who… It’s their freaking story… OMG they can mess it up if they want to. Gosh I feel so sorry for writers nowadays. And to think Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had it bad. Dang. You guys are just lucky. Back then, writers (even J.R.R. Tolkien) were like “To Mount Doom with you and your ideas. I’m going to write what I’m going to write. You chose to read my stuff so you can deal with it.” Kudos to them.
Ok. I’m going to stop here. I’d also like to point out that this fandom is actually quite nasty and we can never get along. I mean sure, other fandom have problems but most of them are quite short-lived. I like fans who ship all the canon ships in OUAT because that means more peace and less drama. Gosh. It’s just a TV show. Only the emotional damage is real. And I just quoted Steven Moffat. The most evil of writers in all of timey-wimey history. OUAT is probably going to end in a couple of years. No need to start #StopOnceUponAHook campaign. Sorry people. The majority of the world loves fictional pirates. Didn’t stop anybody from making more PotC movies. Captain Hook is a very memorable literary character.

GUYS, I just want Charming to go with Hook when he gets new clothes and have “Thrift Shop” playing in the background. Is that too much to ask? Yeah, probably.



OUAT going a little meta.

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New Who Doctors in their previous incarnation’s clothes

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